About us



Trawey is a destination management company nestled in the vibrant city of Dubai, where the whole world loves to move in for a vacation. Germinated from the dream of a group of travel enthusiasts, we, in Trawey, like to share our innate passion for travel with the backpackers round the world. We are all about assisting you explore the world’s alluring destinations and what we offer is the best-in-class facilities and lingering memories for a lifetime.

Trawey helps you design your vacations and have customized UAE packages tailor-made for you. Our team has an intense affinity for the desert-frilled locations and the readiness to go an extra mile to showcase each locale’s signature facets to our guests. We have a mixed bag of activities where fun-filled adventure is coupled with uncompromising safety. We make each travel experience a delightful memory for you.

Our enticing UAE tour packages encompass the irresistible Desert Safari with camping and a tour of the astonishing culture and architectural brilliance spanning the entire emirates. We make sure that you take back home the indelible memoirs and stories of this wonderland.

Our tour packages are traversing swiftly to cover the world with more vigour as the year progresses to 2020. Anywhere from the sunny desert sand dunes to the snow-clad Switzwerland, we make your vacation a vivid dream come true! A reverie that would last forever!

We, Traweyens, are ready to help you the moment you think of a trip – be it for adventure, pleasure, official or just leisure. We are available 24x7x365 and our team is focused on giving you personalized assistance in creating your much awaited vacation plan.


To achieve excellence in destination services, its ethics and values through constant innovation and uncompromising, customer-centric services


To provide unparalleled vacation experiences for our clients with the best-in-class services affordably, adhering to infallible reliability, dedication and client satisfaction.